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Virginia Mold Inspection and Testing

Many clients want to know exactly what types of Mold they have growing in their buildings, and what types of spores they may be breathing in.   Re-Freshen offers a wide variety of sampling services that are analyzed by professional and impartial labs.  We can perform these testing services in conjunction with a mold inspection, as a final clearance test or remediation verification, or to provide legal documentation needed for legal of insurance issues. 

Mold Inspections Virginia

Re-Freshen knows that once you suspect that you have a Mold issue, you want your lab results quick.  That is why we use a local lab, to ensure a 24 hour turn around. Since we do not perform remediation you can be assured an Accurate and Unbiased assessment.

Indoor Allergen Testing Virginia

Re-Freshen knows that there are more allergens, than just Mold.  That is why we like to take a comprehensive approach and suggest testing for all the particulates in the air.  So that you can be fully informed about your Indoor Air Quality

Mold Inspection Testimonials

This is the area that we let others speak about their experience with us.  If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact us!

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